Monday, June 30, 2008

More On the Trend

A letter to the Chicago Tribune today piqued my interest wherein the writer advocates eschewing automobiles for the CTA ("Happy and Carless"). A highlight:
I say with pride that I sold my car a month ago and have not yet missed it at all.

The CTA is easily one of the nation's most comprehensive transit systems, and I say this from personal experience in other cities.
I don't know if I agree that it's one of the "most comprehensive transit systems," but I'm sort of impressed with his enthusiasm.

The CTA is having troubles this week after reports showed it's not exactly safe. Lives aren't in jeopardy, but riders probably want more assurance than "you're not gonna die." 13 derailments were found from January-August 2007 and The Chicago Tribune reports:
"The safety audit found that the CTA is not conducting enough emergency-response drills and that its construction-safety performance on the $530 million Brown Line reconstruction project "is not satisfactory."
Wow. I don't live in Chicago and even I know that. The audit also found that conductors, who are supposed to keep their heads out the window to make sure passengers aren't caught in the door and dragged with the train, were ducking inside before doors were closed. Hey, you won't die, but you might suffer disfigurement! It's no biggie.

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