Monday, March 24, 2008

Maybe It's Mondays?

I have an unproven, scienceless hunch: MTA sympathesizes with the Monday blahs, concentrating its efforts to be mildly pleasant on Monday mornings as a way to say, "We feel you! Monday is out to get you! We understand."
On the face, it's great. MTA is right, Monday's totally suck, dude and I appreciate the sympathy. However, having been duped into this friendliness, I'd like to ask that MTA step it up--bring me the happiness every morning. I already love your drivers with my cold, tiny, shriveled heart, but if you were as sympathetic to my agony at 5 p.m. on a Thursday, my heart might grow into an acceptable size, and I'd be more apt to dole out the sympathy to you.
I guess I should accept the good fortune I can get and move on. I was turning the corner on the way to my stop when I saw the 8 barreling down the three-lane almost-highway, and decided to make a run for it. Realizing I wouldn' make it, I thrust my arm into the air in a desperate cry, a motion that said, "I've already started to run, please stop, or I will live forever shamed."
The bus signaled and stopped at the very spot where I was. The driver nodded to say, "It would really blow if I left you here. I feel your pain."
I sincerely hope she has an excellent day, but I can't help but harbor regret that my joy will turn sour later this afternoon when the good will has evaporated from MTA's insensitive hearts, leaving me desperate and alone.


kate said...

man i like when good things happen on mondays.

Katherine said...

me too! i think i'm going to pay more attention to events and look for statistical meaning.