Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've had an ipod with photo/video since January 2006 and it's taken me until tonight to add maps to my ipod. (And embarrassingly, it's taken until last December to add any photographs to my ipod at all!)

I went to Metro's webpage first and discovered to my delight that WMATA already has you covered (there's a preview here).

Unfortunately these .zip files are only for nano, photo, and video ipods. There's nothing ready-to-go for other mp3 players (but I'm inclined to guess that Zune users deal with this hurdle regularly and have it figured out?) or the new touch ipods. I never wanted a touch ipod, but with internet capabilities maybe this isn't a problem? Can you access the internet in a Metro tunnel? A bigger issue, for me, is that these come as 9ish+ files, which require too much scrolling. I need one cohesive map as a reference, MTA, not a megabuttton of files. Thanks.
Furthermore, it's irritating that the only options are .pdf. This is an issue with MTA MD's lightrail map, especially considering that its subway map is a .gif.
So instead I'm just Google Image Searching for maps and making sure everything is updated.

MTA (NYC) doesn't have anything ready to go but, knowing MTA MD wouldn't, I saved this .gif to my directory instead. That was my plan, and I'm crossing my fingers it will be legible. Knowing all of my friends in New York consider their subway map a staple to their ipods, I know there's a way [if I'm doing this "wrong"].

How's your city's map system?

[edit]I added the .zip file from WMATA anyway and it's completely useless. Wow. Your heart's in the right place, but it's still not going to help me navigate the system. Luckily the Metro's stations are filled with maps. [/edit]

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