Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm taking the 8 into the city tonight and I'm a little nervous.
Let me add that I've been nervous since Thursday. My roommate is in Wisconsin, so when I leave the apartment, there's no one to go on these adventures with me. There's also no one to notice that I'm not in my bed at 1 a.m., and thus no one to worry and call my phone, and then call all the hospitals, and then call the police. And because I don't show up to work before 11 a.m., I wouldn't get the, "Are you coming in today...?" e-mail until noon or 1 p.m. (they are really nice), and so I don't think anyone would know I was you, know, dumped somewhere, until Thursday around 4 p.m. Which, to be honest, speaks to my inability to show up on time. (For example, I was supposed to leave my apartment a minute ago!)

I digress. I called the venue where I'm going last night and asked if any routes pass the establishment, thinking I'd need the 3 to the 8 to the 876. Nope, I just take the 8 downtown! I asked if the venue knew which street and the friendly staff member listed a view landmarks and said to take a sidestreet. But I need more, and because this city is not supported by HopStop, I called MTA this morning.

The ray of sunshine who answered looked up the venue's address to confirm that there was a stop nearby, and then gave me explicit directions. Not just "it's three blocks away," but, "get off at this stop, make a right, and take this street, and then make another right..."

MTA, you've turned my day around, and for the rest of the week, I promise not to say one bad word about you!

Now I'm three minutes behind leaving-time. Let's cross our fingers I'm not found floating in the Harbor this weekend, because no one will know until I'm found. (I need more friends.)


kate said...
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Katherine said...

the talking head.