Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Dirty Little Secret

I have a confession.
I really want one of those MTA sweaters. I know that it's just a standard uniform-grade burgundy sweater with two patches, but I've been watching carefully and it makes everyone that wears thist standard uniform-grade sweater look great. Everyone wearing this sweater, and therefore driving my train or bus, looks crisp. He or she looks awake, serious, yet friendly.
This is a side effect from growing up with Mister Rogers and going to Catholic School (where uniform-grade was rarely flattering, except in navy blue sweaters over itchy jumpers) but I can't help but quietly want for an MTA sweater. With patches, please.
On my ride home today I began to wonder how one comes upon this item ethically. Uniforms are typically purchased and returned upon job termination, so even if I worked for MTA I'd have to return it. (I looked at the job positions anyway and Light Rail Operator wasn't open; I'm not going to clean the bus without a sweater guarantee, people.) I thought of a few other options (asking) but I'm holding out for seeing one, in my size, in a vintage clothing store.
This requires that I walk into a vintage clothing store, but since fate is already getting involved, I can't see it being totally impossible.
Really, though. That sweater? I would rock it, so hard. With oxford shirts and nice slacks. Or with jeans and chucks at the bar. I would have a guaranteed Halloween costume every year! Why are you looking at me that way? Is there something so wrong as embodying our every day heroes for Halloween? No, I think there is not.

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