Monday, January 28, 2008

Verbal and physical sparring from Saturday

I rode the 8 to Book Thing Saturday afternoon and "listened in" on a vicious fight on my excruciatingly slow ride back. Two junkies were arguing over their once romantic relationship. Whether the man had just dumped the woman or they ran into each other by chance is unknown to me, but all that really matters is that what had been mean banter under the guise of play suddenly turned into an aggressive sparring match as the woman yelled, "I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T WAN' MY ASS, I DON'T WAN' YER ALCOHOLIC ASS!" The yelling continued but erupted when her voice shook the windows: "JUST LEEEAVE ME ALOOOOONE!" There were sounds of fabric scuffling on fabric and everyone but me turned in their seats to stare. She exited a few minutes later and the passengers held their breath until he exited ten minutes later.
Later that night on the 8, there was a real scuffle as reported by The Baltimore Sun:

About 11 p.m., several youths left the movies at Towson Commons on York Road, boarded the bus and became rowdy, said Jawauna Greene, the spokeswoman. She said that as their behavior became more disturbing, at least two of them assaulted the passenger for no apparent reason.

Wow, wonderful. I love Baltimore but I don't want to lived in a city where violence bursts unprompted. Public transportation is supposed to be safe and, in my eyes, is a reflection of the city using the service. These recent attacks speak poorly of an otherwise colorful, unique, and beautiful city.

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