Thursday, January 31, 2008

A tree was downed on the Light Rail track yesterday between my stop (Lutherville) and the next stop (Falls Road). Except no one told me--or the riders--about this and the train on the Southbound platform was headed to Timonium. We looked at each other, shrugged, and thought something was wrong with the track. Until a train came some time later for Hunt Valley (which is north of the station). Everyone blindly boarded which I found peculiar considering they had been waiting to go...south.
I asked the conductor what was going on but he ignored me as he walked to the other end of the train. Well, I thought, thanks for the help.
I called MTA's service number. "Is there a delay with the Light Rail," I asked, "I'm in Lutherville going Southbound."
The woman couldn't have been nicer. It's just not possible to be as nice as she already was, and I know this because my brain almost exploded with her kindness. "There's a tree down between Lutherville and Falls Road," she said, "and there are shuttles at the station. One should be there in two minutes." Then she promised me that if I held, she would see the status of tree removal.
When she returned I had walked to the buses hoping for a shuttle. "It will be a little longer," she said, "I'm very sorry. A shuttle will be there in two minutes."
Then. Then she promise me to have a good day regardless of the "inconvenience," and she almost asked me to have a good day, and, and! she was sincere. I haven't heard this level of sincerity from someone in a long time.
I took a taxi that was idling near the station because I was already obscenely late for work.
The MTA operators are usually this nice, too. Still, it made my entire day.

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