Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Woman Attacked on Bus

My favorite method of procrastinating my photography final is by catching up on the blogs I read and obsessively checking the headlines. Which has led to the discovery that nine teenagers attacked a woman on a bus in Baltimore:

Police said the incident occurred about 3 p.m. after Sarah Kreager, 26, and Troy Ennis, 30, boarded the bus. The report says that each time Kreager tried to sit in an empty seat, a boy would jump into the seat and say that they were reserved.

After she finally claimed a seat, Kreager "was immediately attacked by several juveniles," the report says, adding that the teenagers dragged the victim off the bus after it stopped in the 300 block of E. 33rd St. and then assaulted Ennis after he tried to intervene.

Kreager, 26, suffered deep cuts to her head and neck and two broken bones in her left eye socket, the police report says. She was being treated at an unspecified hospital. Ennis was not seriously injured.

As of next week I'll have been relying on the MTA for a full year. I started riding the Light Rail everyday a few months after a girl was chased off a train and murdered in the city. After an outpouring of outrage, the MTA installed cameras. (News articles when I can find them.)

I've spent the last four days convincing people that no, really, I can get to the Ottobar by myself. No, the bus across the street from Towson University will be here soon, and What are you talking about? I'll be fine.

Except that I'm kind of irritated now because Kreager was on the 27--which I was supposed to take to the Ottobar last night.

[Update] There was an update in The Sun this morning, in which parents dispute "what really happened." [/Update]

[Update2] One of the defendants in the Nikki Edmonds case (previously mentioned Light Rail stabbing) was sentenced today. 17-year-old Lataye S. King is one of three who chased Edmonds and her brother off the train. King was tried for stealing Edmonds' cell phone and leaving her in the street. [/Update2]

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