Thursday, December 20, 2007

MTA hopes to slow stabbing incidents...?

In an article from The Baltimore Sun the MTA (MD) is "encouraging" drivers to "call police and stop the vehicle at the first sign of disruptive behavior as part of a plan to curb violence on public transit..."

Which, I don't know, sounds like common sense? Wow, that's a good one since the drivers in the incidents have been praised for their immediacy in calling the MTA Police during the incidents.

The MTA is also going to notify Baltimore police with greater speed, increase the presence of authority, step up its usage of the buses on cameras (nevermind that--allegedly, I can't find any print evidence on this--the camera wasn't working during one of the attacks) which includes sharing the footage from the Hampden attack on the 27 with school officials.

I'm not really sure how that's effective either. Hi, we've already charged your students, but here's the video of the crime they've been accused of commiting! Thanks for your cooperation!
Really though, all I'd be able to suggest is efficient use of technology and more authorities anyway. I guess I'm just feeling curmudgeonly.

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