Saturday, December 22, 2007

DC fares also to rise...Old News is Bad News

Washington, DC's transit is also raising its fares; these prices will take place in January. The fares will effect the metro (WMATA) to what will amount to approximately a quarter each way; these changes will hurt suburban commuters. The Metro boarded voted 8-2 on the issue more than a week ago, hoping to bring in $109 million to its ailing budget. The afore-linked Washington Post article also mentioned that the Metro doesn't receive federal dollars--given that the rate hike is implemented in hopes of aiding the considerable lack of funds, I wonder if federal dollars (even from the dying reserve) would aid the Metro?

Unfortunately parking prices will also rise; parking has been a sore spot since Metro started to charge for it in . However, SmartTrip riders and/or buses are okay--all thanks to The Voices of The People.

This is kind of a pain in the ass, Metro. I love you, but my wallet doesn't.

You can read WMATA's press release about the matter as well, assuming you're not too enraged to hear from The Man.

Also, sorry about falling behind on the DC rate news.

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