Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Morning's Commute

The reason I take the bus to destination's within walking distance (2 miles give or take an extra half mile) is because I like to overhear conversations. On days where I might go without even the most basic human interaction, I like to feel like I'm within an arm's reach of a living, breathing, communicating person.
Though most rides are remembered for absurdity, today's was worth noting because it was pleasant.

Sitting on the 8 at the corner of York Road and Bosley Avenue a group of teens noted the time. "We're early," one said, "It's not even eleven, yet!" One of the young men in the group suggested they go to Starbucks and get lattes, implying that their free time was a luxury. (His tone is what probably warmed me to the group.) They decided not to, and stayed with the bus and it lumbered up York Road to the next stop.
"Are we at the library?" They asked each other now in panic, and the male teased that they had passed the library several stops ago.
I was wearing headphones but turned to the group. A few of the teens made eye contact with. Their eyes was large, and they seemed unusually worried, so I told them that the library was two stops away, across from 711, and the entrance was behind the bus stop. All they needed to do was walk toward the large red brick monstrosity for all of their literary needs.
Their stop came, and they quietly exited. When the group was together again, they all grabbed hands and walked inside.

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