Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Eurostar Sets New Record

Eurostar, a European train that transports passengers from the United Kingdom to Paris, Lille, and Brussels, set a new speed record today during its inaugural run from London to Paris on its £5.8 billion 68 mile track. Of course the cheapest ticket on this route is $67-$72 (youths under 25 are $40-$53 and seniors 60+ are $67) the route does not lend to commuting but it is exciting that the estimated time to travel is approximately two hours and fifteen minutes.
As a source of comparison, my commute today from work was one hour and forty-five minutes; I took the train from the city to the bus, which dropped me off at the edge of my campus. Driving this distance (which is not separated by a large body of water) is twenty minutes with moderate traffic. To make things fair, a day pass for this excursion is $3.50.

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